US Health and Life Solutions - U.S. Health & Life Solutions Brett Sharaby

Houston, Texas 1 comment

This guy is scoundrel.If you sell insurance for him, he can and will keep your residual commissions.

He gives GA's a bad name. His old company was that he had with a partner, Howard. He screwed that guy and ran off to open this shop. I wouldn't believe a word this guy says.

He sell his sister to you for $5. If you bought life or health insurance from him, it was likely not explained correctly or he just flat out lied to you.

He doesn't have a stitch of moral fabric in him.Again, if you're an agent looking for a mentor or an expert, this is not your man.



US HEALTH AND LIFE are crooks. They will screw anybody to keep a buck in their pocket. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

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